Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Living Out the Incarnation

The Lord is doing some mighty, awesome things here. He is moving in God-like ways.

I am ill-prepared to describe how mighty He is and what's going on inside my heart.

Yesterday, Elliott and I attended a seminar by Teri McCarthy of International Institute for Christian Studies. They send people with terminal degrees to other countries to teach "in such a way as to draw others to faith and transformation in Christ." Long story short, they send qualified individuals to live for many, many years in another country serving as a professor. Their mission is to teach in secular universities in order to represent our Lord--in other words, to live incarnationally.

I have always struggled with my privilege. Why was I born in the U.S. with the means to...everything? Why was I born an English speaker? Why am I so blessed? We are blessed to bless others. My privilege must be used to bring glory to the Father. Teri spoke about how powerful merely teaching English can be. If you teach a woman how to speak English, she can rise from poverty. Teri had four men come up to her in Afghanistan to ask her about the Lord because they had always wondered about Jesus. A man had to speak one line in an English play that Teri wrote--a line about Jesus's birth--and God used it to bring him and his wife to Christ. God can use our privilege if we let him. Those who are given much have much responsibility. Suddenly, everything clicked. And it clicked for Elliott too. We are going to prayerfully consider partnering with IICS in the future for long term missions.

There was so much of what she said that resonated so deeply with me. I cannot encapsulate it. It was private, it was God, and it was beautiful. Elliott was there too and experiencing very similar things. If you are interested in reading more about their mission, I would highly recommend reading Teaching in a Distant Classroom: Crossing Borders for Global Transformation" by Michael H. Romanowski and Teri McCarthy. If you know of anyone who is thinking of teaching in another country for the sake of the gospel, please get this book for them. It is vital for Christians to wrestle with their honest approach to teaching in other countries.

And of course, God is working in other ways as well, but I can only ruminate on little bites at a time. So, to awkwardly end this post, I will just leave with the lyrics to a hymn that has been in my head...

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full at his wonderful face
and the things of earth will grow strangely dim
by the light of His Glory and Grace


  1. It is hard to think about how much we have in comparison to the majority of the world. . and how many people in the USA take advantage of the fact that they have so much that others dream to have a small portion of.

    English has become a bit of a universal language. It reminds me a bit of the Tower of Babel when everyone understood each other while trying to reach or overpower God that God confused their tongues and scattered them around the earth for what they tried to do, and I think we have definitely that attitude at times still today. We want to push God aside to do our own thing and we need strong leaders or not just strong, but people who are willing to defend Christ and go out and give the message. I am ashamed of myself because I want to do this but haven't. You did well by going on missions trips when you were young, while I went instead to camp and selfishly consumed myself with ME.

  2. Praying with you about this... I know God has a plan and purpose for both your privilege and your unique giftings!


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