Friday, January 22, 2010

My Second Confirmation

To preface this claim to a "second confirmation" about whether or not Elliott and I should pursue missions, let me just say that throughout the last couple of weeks, I have been tempted to count numerous occasions as "confirmations" from the Lord. Someone would say something, and I would inwardly strain to hear from God: "Was that a confirmation, Lord?" Then, an inward response or answer to myself: "I'll know when it's God when it's actually God." As with the first moment of confirmation, I will recognize that I am in the full and tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.

So I waited. There was no rush.

Last night at small group, we went around the table sharing prayer requests. Elliott asked for prayer as we discern our next steps: to join the intentional community or not? To leave in two years or not? Where is God calling us? Should we stay? Should we go? Should we invest in a new intentional community or remain where we are?

One girl in our small group, Sarah, looked directly at me and either said pointedly (or was it a question?), "You two are of one mind, though."

Holy Spirit. There he was. Hm. Interesting.

I tried to make sense of this moment as I said, "Well, yeah... we're definitely on the same page here. Wherever God wants us." Inwardly, I was saying, "Ok, God. I think that was my second confirmation, but could you confirm it again? If that was really a confirmation from you, can you just seal it by one more word from Sarah?"

Without missing a beat, again Sarah proclaimed in her clear, unwavering way, "You two were meant to be."

Holy Spirit. Whew. Wow. Awesome. Got it.

I can't help but smile and giggle inwardly as I write this post. Isn't God just so... super cool? He totally knows what we need, whether it's the food to get us through the day or the words we need to hear from him just to know that we're not deciding things for ourselves.

I am totally enraptured by this God. I can't help but praise him with every smile he awakens onto my face. Thank you, Lord!!

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