Friday, March 12, 2010

What Possesses You

I held the skinny jeans in my left hand, and the garbage bag full of donations in my right. Unwillingness overcame me as I put the jeans back into the drawer. "Maybe someday," I thought. "Maybe someday again I will wear these..."

I'm so thankful the Holy Spirit is with us, especially in moments where our own will is too weak. The Spirit recalled distinctly to my mind our small group discussion last night--all about the "American Dream" and possessions. The question was asked, "Have you ever felt possessed by your possessions?"

One member brought up the fact that she had attended a wealthy church who had two million dollars saved away for their "rainy day fund." I understand everyone needs a bit of savings for emergencies...but two million dollars? Couldn't that be better used elsewhere for people who need it--people who are in emergencies?

Yet there I was, this pair of jeans in my hand, ready to continue to hoard these jeans along with some other pieces of days-gone-by. God reminded me that these are not my clothes. God gave them to me for a time, but it's time to let them go. And with those jeans in my hands--my beloved skinny jeans--I heard God whisper, "If you don't give these up, you're letting them possess you."

So I tossed them in the garbage bag.
Praise the Lord for transformation.

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