Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recuperation or Laziness?

I wonder why, when I have just experienced God's healing in a powerful, exhausting way, I then turn and run. Yesterday, I gave into exhaustion. I prayed and prayed that I would use the day wisely, but I feel like maybe I just squandered it. I don't feel more rested today; I feel like I've been hit by a bus. Maybe instead of giving in to recuperation, I gave into laziness.

Today, again I feel completely wiped out. It's taking me hours to get a move on the day. The thing is, I feel like I went to a different world this weekend. It was a world of beauty and healing and intimacy, and now that I'm back in reality, I want to crawl into the covers and shut myself away.

Put the sticky notes around your mirror, remind yourself of the healing.
When the mirror breaks again,
Use the stick from the back to piece it back together.


  1. May your life begin to be a portal into/from that other world (though in truth it already is);

    may you respond to its pounding at your gates to let it through, through you;

    advancement of the Kingdom--
    the New Jerusalem!

    Magical, truthful wonder.

    That "place" is wherever you are, wherever God is.

    (I know you know all this, Rachel. "Preaching to the choir" can be a needful thing! :) I remind as a fellow needer-of-preaching, in the Spirit of Paul, who knew that we never get past needing reminding.

    I love you, and am thankful for your life-sharing through this blog. Please let me know if anything I'm saying is hittin' the wrong way.

    Patience with yourself, dear. Patience with the process of you-formation! I'm telling myself that, too.)

    random aside: the "word verification" i am having to type in right now to ensure i'm not a bot is: adinsur. i feel like i'm hearing lolcat say "a dinosaur". :)

  2. P.S. Good work at writing again today! (in light of yesterday's post)

  3. You have never written or said anything that has "hit me the wrong way." Ever. But thank you for your sensitivity.

    Thank you also for the link to that blog. I've really enjoyed reading through her posts.


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