Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why I write

In partial response to Elizabeth Esther's brilliantly worded post.

1) To Meet with the Eternal.
My main reason for blogging is to come into closer relationship with the Lord. If I stay in my head about spiritual musings, I have found that I just don't really grow. I forget easily. I stay complacent. No one else knows what is going on, and so I just remain stagnant. I write to challenge myself and my views.

2) Because I have to.
Seriously, God created me as an artist. I have stopped acting, so my impulse is to do something else creative, and God has led me to write. I write in response to what he teaches me. I write to draw near to him, to worship him. I write because I have to; it's who God created me to be. If I did not write, I would deny an enormous aspect of my being; a part of my self would probably just dry up.

3) There is power in the written word.
God recognized it. His Word has been written down. It is unchangeable, and yet it lives and breathes and speaks truth into our lives.
My words are small, and meak, and maybe sometimes wrong. But they are my words. They are in print. There is power in it. There is beauty in it. There is some truth. It deserves to be read. Maybe. :)

4) To connect. To form relationships.
Another main goal of blogging is for me to have the spiritual connection with other women, in particular. My mentor once said, "You were never meant to do this alone," during a time of great struggle. I can't do this alone. I crave your responses, I crave your thoughts, I crave your input. I was not meant to journey alone, nor can I. I can't do it. I need you.

5) Change.
And besides my own words, I have begun connecting with other bloggers in the world who have begun to really shift me internally. I am becoming irrevocably changed and encouraged by the written words of others, and I wouldn't have encountered this world without started my own, modest blog.

off to church!


  1. I think those are all good blogging reasons!! Through others encouraging you in their comments, you are also encouragine people who are reading your blog who may not be commenting. It will hopefully lead them to want to have the depth of relationship that they see you have. You are a beautiful creation of Christ and you see that he lives within you!

  2. Yeeeeah, girl! :)

    I like your HolyGhosh writer RAWR!


  3. ...and for a more thought-oriented response:

    i particularly resonate with your point about how writing gives direction and dimension to spiritual stirrings.

    ...why i enjoy writing, when i do...and why i am still wanting to do it more committedly.

  4. ...*sigh*

    my first post should read "HolyGhost", not HolyGhosh.

    who the heck is HolyGhosh, anyway.

    like a weird, Christian spinoff of OshKosh B'gosh.


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