Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Talk Endlessly About Jesus

We let long pigtails and ponytails fall dancing behind us as we race against the wind on our bikes. We revel in the glory of it all, and reminisce about childhood times of endless summer days.

Photo by lilsuzy_09

It's the summer, and this is what summer is made for...

- for biking long into warm, humid nights - for running harder and farther than we think our bodies will carry us - for welcomed adventures, and some unwelcomed ones - for discovery and uncovery - for honesty - for new goals and looking ahead - for remaining in the present moment - for laughing and grieving and carrying - for talking endlessly about Jesus -

And that's where we stop, and pause, and wonder:

Why aren't we always talking endlessly about Jesus?

So I invite you today-tonight-tomorrow-- to talk endlessly about Jesus.
Share how time after time Jesus has awed you.
Tell of how He has saved you.
And ask to hear a story in return.

We can never cease to be in awe of the mighty things God has and continues to do.
We are His wondrous work. Tell of the work happening in you!

(Hint: you can start in the comment box below.)

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  1. this is something that really is hard for me to handle when talking to other Christians who don't seem to want to just tlak about jesus all the time. I have a very hard time keeping it in. Whenever I am around people I talk about Him and when I am around people who just don't seem to want to express it, I get so bothered. It doesn't make sense. I sometimes ask people if they share Jesus with those around them. It seems like the answer I get is "I am sure they will think Jesus lives in me if I am nice to them". . . but is that really enough?!?!?!

    sorry. . .my heart is exploding.


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