Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keeping Perspective and Being Aware of God

"I wasn't so caught up in the day-to-day things; I was aware of God."

These very words came from the mouth of a girl I have been mentoring throughout the past semester at Eastern University. We were visiting her church over winter break, and she happened to be sharing her story from her first semester at college.

She unabashedly told the story of a night shared between her and her new friends at college. They spent at entire night (read: 9PM to 3AM) in impromptu worship. For a few weeks after that night, she "was aware of God." She had perspective. Things fell into their rightful place.

Her testimony brought tears to my eyes--both because of how clearly I saw the Lord using me in His work, and also because her story convicted my own desires. My heart's beat suddenly became a desperate cry--

"I want to not be so caught up in day-to-day things.
I want to live my life aware of God.
I want perspective."

Part of gaining that perspective is knowing God. Spending time feeding upon His word helps me know God. Keeping my ears open to the teachings of pastors and other disciples helps me understand Him more fully. Coming before His throne in prayer reminds me where I fall in the perspective of His glory and pervasive story.

"Meeting the holy, living God smashes the myths of autonomy, the myth that human beings are the final authority, our own lords. In the presence of God we are but dust and ashes. Every breath we breathe is a gift of his grace."
-Darrell Johnson,
"Handling the Trauma of Holiness: The Key to Authentic Worship of the Living God"


  1. oh how beautiful to know that angels are rejoicing over this girl you mentored. I am so happy for you and glad that things have been going so well. I think it is a huge step to be able to share how we have grown and what we have learned to the public!!

  2. Yes, it is a huge step! She definitely ministered to us all in the church that day. Towards the end of her testimony, she even said, "Share your story and read the Bible." I was all near tears!


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