Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple (but important) Reminders

A quote from Dean Arthur Penrhyn Stanley (1815-1881) of Westminster Abbey
...with added comments from my pastor's sermon last night...

"The intellect must seek Truth without undistracted fearless zeal -- else we do not serve God with our whole mind and understanding."

You must be spending one-on-one time with the Lord, undistracted. Otherwise, you are not engaging in intimacy with the Lord and will not be able to serve Him.

"The bodily powers must be guarded and saved for the healthy discharge of all that providence requires upon our passage through life -- else we do not serve Him with our whole strength."

You must put yourself in a position to have maximum energy to serve, worship, and commune with the Lord.''

"The affections must be kept fresh and pure -- else we do not serve Him with our whole heart."

If what you are long for isn't bringing you closer to God, you shouldn't long for it.

"Our conscience must not have stained itself with secret sin, unworthy transactions, false pretenses -- else we do not serve Him with our whole heart."

Guard your eyes, ears, heart, and soul; keep your conscience clear.

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