Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blog Highlight: Rachel Held Evans

First up in the Blog Highlight series is Rachel Held Evans.  

I am only a recent follower (which, if you know anything about the Christian blogging world, is somewhat shameful), having found her blog after a witty post about the (un)coolness of church on Relevant Magazine.

Anyhoo.  I haven't missed a post since finding this blog.  Instead of randomly gushing about it off the top of my head, let me break it down for you.

Content:  The content in Rachel's blog is vast and superb.  It ranges from personal musings  to convicting truths to thoughtful debate to previews of her upcoming book and beyond.  Honestly, the list could go on and on.  As far as most blogs are concerned, Rachel has one of the most variety of thoughtful, inciting content.  To put it simply: it never gets boring, and it never stays on the surface.  If you want your mind to be stimulated on a daily basis, check this blog out.  Like right now.  Go.  Do it.  Ok, fine -- keep reading the review before you do.

Style: Rachel's style is casual but informed, always well-stated and succinct.  She uses her words wisely and communicates clearly.  Also (and I can't say this for all of my favorite blogs), I have never found a grammatical error on her pages.  That's seriously impressive for someone who blogs every day.  Bravo, Rachel!  You rock my English-major-socks off!

Frequency: Um.  Every. Single. Day.  I do not know how she does it, especially since she is also writing a book right now.  

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Extra Bonus: The community!  Honestly, the conversations to be had within the comments section of her posts are not to be missed!  It is absolutely refreshing to find an online community so open to thoughtful, respectful, and stimulating conversation.  I attribute the community to Rachel's thoughtful, respectful, and stimulating posts.

So what are you waiting for??  Go check out this blog!

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