Friday, August 19, 2011

Stay Tuned: Blog Highlights

Recently, I've sort of stumbled into a bit of a dilemma.

I've found reading on the computer the easiest activity to accomplish while breastfeeding.  This is not my dilemma.  I've been delving deep into the blogosphere, and have been spending a lot of time reading countless blogs.  Still not my dilemma.  I've really been enjoying these countless blogs, and have felt enriched by the thoughts and writing of others.

Here is my dilemma:  there are so many awesome blogs out there, and I want others to read them.  I want others to read these stimulating ideas being thrown about into the internet world, and appreciate them with me.  I find that listing links on the side of my blog - or posting something on Facebook - are not enough to adequately highlight these blogs.

So I've decided to make highlighting different blogs a frequent feature here.  I'm going to review blogs based on Content, Style, and Frequency (of posting).  I use the term "review" lightly, as I want this feature to be positive for both reader and writer.  I'm not here to tell people what they need to fix on their blogs; instead, I want to point out positive qualities in order to steer you towards good reading.

For the first few months, I'm going to highlight a number of well-known blogs (that you may or may not know -- but if you don't know, you should know, hence the highlight).  Once I go through them (there are probably about 6-10 or so), I would love to review your blog, or a recommended blog.

In order to get reviewed on a Blog Highlight, please e-mail me your blog at chellysimko at gmail dot com, subscribe to this blog, and add the html code/link (see below) somewhere on your blog.  In return, you will have a permanent link on my site.

Copy this code to add this button to your site:


  1. hehe. I've had your blogged linked on mine for a very long time now. ;) I look forward to reading about the blogs you read!!

  2. I know! Thanks! :) You will certainly get reviewed at some point! I read every post!


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