Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Waste Not Wednesday: Baby Wipes and Wipe Solution

I wanted to continue my Waste Not series by featuring it every (or every other) Wednesday. In our efforts to cut down on waste in this community house, we've all become super resourceful at finding better ways to live intentionally.

So, in case you couldn't tell, we have two babies in the house. They could be a source of a lot of waste, but between cloth diapers and reusable wipes, we've managed to keep things in check.

Reusable Baby Wipes

If you or someone you know has a baby and access to a washing machine, I would highly encourage the use of reusable baby wipes. Not only are they eco-friendly, but your baby('s bottom) will thank you as well. Disposable wipes tend to be very harsh on baby's skin. When you make your own solution, you know exactly what's coming into contact with your baby, and you are able to control it.

Your best bet to find good wipes is to go on Etsy.com and search "Reusable Wipes." I found a pack of 24 for $9 and got two packs. My sister-in-law also made me 15 or so. I do a wash maybe once a week, and I'm good to go!

In addition to the wipes, you'll probably want to invest in a spray bottle (we got ours at the dollar store). So what exactly do you put into the spray bottle?

Homemade Baby Wipe Solution

There are a plethora of "recipes" online for baby wipe solution. Here's the one that we use:

1 cup water
1 tablespoon oil (vegetable or olive work fine)
1 tablespoon Dr. Bronner's castille soap
a couple drops of peppermint or vanilla extract

Mix together, put in the spray bottle, and viola!

A note: some babies might get irritated by the peppermint oil. We don't use it on Gwen, but Zoey seems to be okay with it. Just do what's best for your baby!

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  1. yey!!! I know I linked you to stuff like this before, but I didn't know you actually used them at all. that's awesome.


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