Monday, September 5, 2011

Blog Highlight: Elizabeth Esther

Next in our Blog Highlight series is Elizabeth Esther.

Content:  The content in Elizabeth's blog is varied, personal, and pointed.  She talks about her upbringing in a cult and the effects it has had on her life, on now being Catholic, and on honest struggle with such things as depression.  I really think that main draw to her blog is that she's not afraid to say deeply personal and sometimes-controversial things.  Most recently, Elizabeth came back from a trip to Bolivia utterly transformed by the poverty she witnessed there.  It's been really exciting to see how bold she is in her new rejection of American consumerism, especially since she has such a wide influence.

Style: Like most of the blogs I read, Elizabeth's writing is witty.  But it goes beyond that.  She is convicting.  She writes from her own convictions and uses her words powerfully to convict others.  There is also an element to her writing that makes you feel like you're sitting next to her in her living room, hearing her confess the deepest of struggles directly to you. 

Frequency: I believe she updates about four(+) times a week.

Don't Miss: Her most recent thoughts since her journey to Bolivia and back.  Now is a great time to start following her!

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