Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Highlight: Justice Pirate

Next in our Blog Highlight series is Justice Pirate.

Content:  At first glance, Victoria's blog may appear to be only a fashion blog, but it is so much more.  Besides her twice-monthly movie review and updates on her family life, Victoria uses her blog (and its popularity) to advocate for the weak.  In response to a conviction God placed upon her heart, she recently decided to stop purchasing vintage clothes.  Then people started sending her clothes to model on behalf of raising awareness for human slavery and sex trafficking.  Each time she posts a new outfit, she also gives some facts about slavery and trafficking.  I have learned so much through her blog, and her outspoken convictions have convicted me as well.  I am thankful to have her in my life to keep me accountable, and I would highly recommend following her blog.

Style: As I said before, she writes with conviction, but also with love.  I would say she has a "no-nonsense" approach to her writing style.  She tells it like it is, and because of her style, you are apt to listen.

Frequency: She posts about three times a week, sometimes more.  She also has frequent features to watch out for.

Don't Miss: Her Modest Fashion Features.  Each week, she scours the internet for the top modest-fashion picks.  Victoria is big on modesty and like to highlight that you can still express yourself through fashion and remain modest.  **update: no more modest fashion features, but you can totally look them up in the archives.  Also check out Ruby-Eyed Okapi, a modesty blog (of which I am a contributor!) that Victoria is the founder of.

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