Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Highlight: Mocha Momma

Next in our Blog Highlight series is Mocha Momma.

Content:  I stumbled upon Kelly's blog during a recent hype-up of a racial issue that happened at BlogHer (this is a big conference for blogging women).  You can read about Kelly's (very wise) take on it here.  Apparently, there are some racial tensions between some white bloggers and WOC bloggers.  I'm thankful that, as I have gotten into the blogging world bit by bit, I've been turned on to Mocha Momma.  Kelly's content is absolutely important for every human being, not just bloggers.  She faces issues head-on, unapologetically, and those of us who have been raised in a mainly-white culture (*raises hand*) truly need to listen what she has to say.  I'm also appreciative that Kelly (and her readers) respond to comments and keep the conversation going.  Our world is still so, so broken in this area, and we need to do every little bit we can to reconcile ourselves -- especially if you are a Christian.  God created and is interested in race and heritage and we need to honor our brothers and sisters by learning about their heritage, even (and especially) when it's painful.  It is hurtful to remain in the ignorant mindset of "I don't see color."  Anyways.  Ok, that's a topic I need to address in another post (coming soon) but basically, the content of Kelly's blog really gets me fired up, in a great way.  I hope that you will join the conversation at her blog.  It's also worth noting that she is an assistant principal, so a lot of her posts have to do with education (another passion of mine).

Style: Smart.  Convicting.  Hysterical.  She has a great sense of humor and can weave it into a serious topic.  She's also very personal and shares beautiful (and sometimes difficult) parts of her life.  Being an administrator in education, Kelly also has an expert-tone to her writing (because hey- she's an expert!).

Frequency: I believe she updates about five(+) times a week. 

Don't Miss: Her most recent posts on racial issues, in which she responds to various (common?) questions about race (so far there is a Part I, Part II, and Part III is coming soon!)

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