Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Highlight: Rage Against the Minivan

Next in our Blog Highlight series is Rage Against the Minivan.


Content:  Kristen is the mom of four kids: two adopted, two biological.  She has the everyday crazy stories of raising kids, to the not-so-everyday dilemmas, to the life-altering-type-events of adoption (hint: she was in Haiti during the earthquake), and everything in between.  Also, as the mother of two black children, Kristen deals head-on with issues of racism.  As you may have gathered from my last Blog Highlight, I appreciate honest conversations about race, and I adore Kristen's incredible articulation of this issue through life experiences.  Overall, her content is (honestly) fascinating.  Her life is full, and she welcomes you into the fullness through her blog.

Style: She's incredibly sarcastic, and crafty with words, which makes for an oft-hilarious time of reading.  I love her writing (and story-telling) so much, that I have easily been sucked into hours of going from post to post. 

Frequency: About four(+) times a week, unless you also follow her on the many blogs to which she contributes, in which case you might be reading Kristen nearly every day (hurray!). 

Don't Miss:  The "Best Of" page.  This might sound strange, but she does a really good job of collecting (in story fashion) some of her best posts on this page, and it's the greatest way to get acquainted with the blog.

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