Thursday, September 29, 2011

how to move a family in seven days or less

There was no Waste Not Wednesday, as you could probably tell.  This week, our lives have been overtaken by the impending move of our entire family.  In lieu of the usual-green-friendly-endeavor, I will instead ask the question:

How does a family with a three-month-old move with one week's notice?

Beats me, but we're trying.

The last time we moved, I was 8 months pregnant.

That had its own difficulties, and by the end of the day, I was sure I'd be going into labor overnight.
(I didn't.)

(Not then, anyways.  It took about a month later.)
This time, we have a little girl who needs the best of conditions to nap.

The last time we moved, I decided to become a minimalist and got rid of a ton of stuff we never used.

This time, we actually need a lot of the items we gave away.

We are already tired and feeling slightly broken from the weight of the week.

But somehow, some way, we will be moved out by Saturday.

And living in our own home for the very first time.

...praying for the Lord's strength to survive this crazy week...

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