Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Waste Not Wednesday: How to Eat All the Food in Your Fridge

There are four of us.
Four adults, two separate couples.

We share groceries.
We make meals together.
And we eat the leftovers together, too.

It's very easy to forget about leftovers -- to forget about the remaining lasagna or steamed broccoli, or even the three carrots that are left in the veggie drawer.  And when you're rushing from home to school and taking care of a baby while prepping dinner, the last thing you have time for is opening up all the tuperware containers in the fridge.

We found that we were inadvertently wasting a lot of food, and wanted to find a solution.  I would like to publicly say that it was Jocelyn who came up with an amazing solution.

Jocelyn found out that you can actually use your refrigerator as a wipe board.

It's true!

So we decided to write down what food was in the fridge

and who was making what meal when

and what we need to get for next week.

It's been a great system so far, and pretty easy to keep up with.

Oh, look!  It's my kitchen helper!

Hi, little kitchen helper!

Have you had this problem in your home?  How have you dealt with it?  Have any more ideas for me and the readers?

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