Friday, October 7, 2011

Blog Highlight: heard, half-heard, in the stillness

Content:  Sarah's musings span very private, personal moments to poetry to good reads to social activism to anything else in between.  Her content is real, always meaty, and leaves you hopeful for the next post. The subjects she chooses to write about are usually very different from any other blog I read, and I find myself challenged about the way I live my life through her thoughtfulness.

Style: This girl can WRITE, and I mean, old-school write -- think novels and yesteryear-journalism and thematic essays.  I love reading her work -- no matter if it's a short blurb about what she's reading or an introspective post about Catholicism.  I am absolutely drawn in to each and every post because of her writing style.  (Just maybe if we're lucky, she might post bits and pieces of that novel I know she's working on.)

Frequency: She usually posts once a week, or two times a week.

Don't Miss: Poetry Tuesdays and "stuff I've been reading," because we all need a little more poetry in our lives, and she picks out some of the most interesting articles to read.

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