Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog Highlight: the pastor and the bartender

Content:  I've got to say, I really appreciate this blog because it's not your typical Christian mommy blog.  I mean, the title of the blog hints at this fact (Emily is the pastor and her husband is the bartender), but the blog is so much more than a catchy title.  Emily talks about parenting styles (of which attachment parenting and Montessori are mainly highlighted), pastoring, her baby girl (Vicki Jo is just a little older than Gwenny!), book reviews, and recipes.  I love it!  There is always something interesting going on here, so I really recommend following her blog.  Where else can you find such a wide range of interesting topics?  (Also, it's worth mentioning that although there are many blogs on AP, I haven't found many on Montessori, so you're getting something really unique here.)

Style: Emily has a great command of her writing.  Her posts are extremely well-written and move along fluidly.  She definitely has the tone of an expert on her subjects -- be it pastoring or mothering -- and it's interesting to discover along with her what she's doing in both spheres of life.  Her style sort of reminds me of one of those women's journals magazines (albeit with slightly on-the-fringe subjects).

Frequency: She posts about two to three times per week.

Don't Miss: Munchee Monday and her well-informed posts on Montessori.

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