Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog Highlight: Sorta Crunchy

Next in our Blog Highlight series is Sorta Crunchy.

Content:  Apparent from the title, you'll find a lot about simple living on Megan's page.  You'll be able to find a lot of good, practical ideas for living simply from her site -- from the ever-awesome oil-wash method (which I personally use and love) to a variety of green resources (see the link at the end of the post) to the ever-daring cloth wipes.  Besides promoting a greener way of life, Megan also has a lot to say about parenting (so much so that she's actually co-writing a book about parenting -- specifically, spirit-led parenting).  I've found a lot of solace in reading what she has to say about this subject, as I often feel on the margins in real-life when it comes to parenting styles.  Megan has also been getting more into sharing pieces of herself in the blog, which has really been a beautiful revelation.  I love learning more about this woman I admire so, so much.

Style: She writes so beautifully, almost as if she were painting pictures with words.  I love getting lost in her posts; even simple posts about washing dishes can become lovely portraits of a daily life.  Her writing is also marked with honesty and humbleness, along with bits of tender confessions.  Simply put:  her writing style is lovely, and I know you will get lost in her words along with me!

Frequency: Every weekday.

Don't Miss: Okay, there are a bunch of regular posts that I love:  What I Wore Wednesdays, Your Green Resource Thursdays, and the This Is Where I... Series.

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