Tuesday, October 4, 2011

on the move and being home

We wake up early on a Monday morning -- somewhat weary from the weekend but also somehow refreshed by the newness of it all.  My husband asks a question -- a question that has grown familiar in the last 36 hours.

"Does it feel like our home yet?"

The truth is, I don't know.  Or maybe, yes and no.  Yes, this is our home.  Our things are here.  Our hearts are here.  But no, it still doesn't seem real.  There's something dreamlike about it -- something that doesn't quite click in my brain as "home."

I know it will come with time -- the clicking into reality -- the snapping out of the constant dreamlike state.  It will become normal.  It will become more real.

But we are so used to movement around us -- to many pairs of feet treading the floors below us -- to being greeted in the morning by many different faces -- to share a space with people doing different things -- to negotiating quiet time and dinner time and chores and food lists and relationships.

So, yes.  This is different for us.  This is new.

It should be mentioned that the only times Elliott and I have ever been alone have been on vacation.
And so when people ask me what it's been like the last two and a half days, all I can think is, "It feels like vacation."
And also, "My brain is fuzzy," because everything happened so fast.

We are still recovering from the whirlwind that was last week, and adjusting to this newfound life of... stillness.  We've also been prone to question every noise ("Did you hear that??" seems to be a frequent phrase in our house these days) as we are not used to being the only ones in the house.

But we are, indeed, adjusting.
And we are, indeed, loving it.

Somehow it feels as if we got married all over again.  Or maybe even that we delayed the nesting for a while, and we're suddenly coming home from our honeymoon two years later and with a baby in tow.  I also have a feeling our church is celebrating as well -- people have literally been showering us with gifts, old and new alike.  And they showed up in droves on the big moving day.  It was overwhelming (the good kind of overwhelming).

God's provision has been abundant.
And we are still in awe of our much our God is mindful of us.

How can it be that He loves us so much?
...that He cares for even the everyday things?...
How can it be?

And the big move itself went... um... remarkably well.  When we decided we were moving, I was bracing myself for a full-blown anxiety attack.  But it never came.  The usual panic-before-the-move-until-I'm-basically-paralyzed thing didn't happen.  God has been very gracious every step of the way.  Maybe the rushed nature of the move helped, and maybe God gave a double portion of His peace in my heart.  Peace surrounded the whole week and was centered in my soul on moving day.  And we had so much help.  It was as if a swarm of (busy, helpful, loving) bees descended upon our stuff, and magically transported it into the new place (Whoot!  Magical bees!).

And now, for some highlights:
  • That despite the call for 80% rain all day, it was sunny and beautiful.  (Did I mention we have a gracious God?)  We were praying for a nice day because we didn't actually rent a UHaul but borrowed people's trucks, and it turned out to be okay, even with potentially ominous weather.
  • We discovered we have an attic.  A really cool, old, spacious attic.  Full of really interesting finds (which we will have to ask our landlady about).  I mean, if we stayed here a good amount of time, we could potentially think about using the attic for something.  Like more living space.
  • Ikea delivers super-early (or at least, for us they did).  We now have (our very first!) dining room table and chair set.  We have a dining room and can't wait to use it with many friends and family!  
  • The awesome, built-in bookshelves also have a space perfect for exactly one chair, which means we have a reading nook.
  • Neither of our parents could be there, but we were "adopted" by a couple in the church, who stayed to the bitter end of the move, making sure we felt settled enough to rest for the night.  They bought us dinner and (yes) showered us with gifts for the kitchen.

Some moving snafus we didn't think about beforehand that are worth mentioning:

  • That pokey little staircase I love so much?  Well, it wouldn't allow the boxspring to come up the stairs.  Um, let me rephrase that:  the boxspring that we bought the last time we moved five months ago won't fit up our stairs to go into our bedroom.  The last time we moved, we had to replace the old boxspring (which may or may not have had mice living in it on occasion -- YUCK) and slept on the floor for the first week while awaiting its arrival (I was eight months pregnant.  It was not a fun time.).  This time, I tried to swallow down the probable reality that we would be facing another couple weeks of sleeping on the floor while awaiting another new boxspring, but our pastor came to the rescue.  He went out and got us some boards to rest our mattress on.  So far, it's fairly comfortable, so we may just do without.
  • Ha.  Gas.  That's kind of important, right?  Well.  We don't have it.  So that means our showers have been taken at the local Y and our meals have been made via microwave or crockpot.  (Gotta love that gym membership!  And that crockpot!!!)  We should get gas turned on soon. (Update: the gas man came!!!  We're all set!)
  • Oh, you know.  The basics you always forget.  I mentioned some of them yesterday: salt (hummus and chicken stock?  It's, um... not going to be a featured recipe any time soon), coffee filters (hello, Starbucks run!), tissues (did I mention we're all sick?)...
  • It's been cold.  Okay, so maybe not a moving snafu per se, but it really feels like it went from summer into late fall.  Our bodies are not adjusting well. 
There are still boxes to unpack, still questions about what else we need and what goes where, but for the most part, we are settled.  And we can't wait to share our home.

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