Sunday, October 16, 2011

on Sabbath rest

I ask for peace, for rest.
God wants to give me Sabbath rest, and yet I fight it.
I always find something to do -- I always put something else above eternity.
I always cave in, putting my to-do list above all else.

Except recently, God hasn't let me.
Somehow, He has broken through -- keeping me mindful of the ever-important in the midst of the immediate.

Walking through my house, I notice the dust bunnies collecting under the chairs.  My gut instinct is to run for the broom and start sweeping.
But then, a rebuke:  My Sabbath is for rest, not for productivity.

I think of the grad school homework I could be doing, of the blog posts I could be writing, of the newsletters I could be composing.
But then, a whisper:  My Sabbath is for being still, not for keeping busy.

I wonder if maybe I should turn on a TV show, or a favorite movie.  Maybe I'll read some blogs and catch up on my commenting.
But then, some truth:  My Sabbath is for drawing near to Me, not for entertainment.

And without knowing how or when or why, even after an eleven-hour night of sleep, I find myself napping through the afternoon, and waking up to a slower pace.  I drink in the twilight as I sit in silence, thinking of my Savior -- allowing gratitude to fill inside me --

and I listen.

And listen.


And sometimes I don't know what I'm listening for, but I know this is an important step.
I know this is what He wants right now.
So I listen until I am drawn into His Word.

And I delight in His Sabbath.

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