Sunday, October 23, 2011

to my friends who mourn

"Carry each other's burdens..."
Galatians 6:2 

I will stand beside you.
I will share carry your burden -- not only because the Lord asks me to do so, but because I want to do so.
I will mourn with you, even when I fully don't understand.
And when I don't understand, I will remain silent.

But I will still be there.

If God has comforted me in a similar way, I will try to comfort you.
But if you cannot receive comfort from me, I will back off.
I will hug you.
I will let you cry.
I will assure you that your emotions are valid.
Because they are.

And I will just be there.

When words fail me, I will pray -- even prayers that have no audible sounds.
They might be silent, but the Holy Spirit will carry them off.
God hears them.
God mourns too.

And He will stand beside you always.

Sometimes I won't say or do the right thing.
Sometimes I might be insensitive.
But I want you to know you can tell me.
I will listen.
I will learn.
I will change my ways.
I want to know if I do anything to further the pain.
I want to know how to love you better.

I will be there.

To my friends who mourn:  there is a time for mourning.
There is also a time for dancing.
I will stand with you through the mourning -- however long it takes --
and I will hold your hand and dance with you
when the time has come.

And then, we will dance.

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