Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Waste Not Wednesday: Saving Energy and Water

So here's the thing:  Elliott and I have never had to worry about utilities.  Part of the deal with our community-living was we had a flat rate on rent every month (pretty convenient, eh?  You're thinking about community living now, aren't you?  Just a little bit?).  Now that we're in our own house, we have graduated into more of the real-world (we've been taking baby steps) and have to pay energy and water just like the rest of you.

Of course, this makes us think about our usage more often, and we want to be more intentional about it -- not just to save money (although that's a big bonus), but also because every little more step towards intentional living is a step closer to the restoration of God's creation (can I get an Amen?).

This is where you -- my readers -- come in.  I'm going to share the little bits I know about how to save energy and water, and then I am begging you to join in on the comments section.  Maybe we'll all learn a little bit from each other.  What doya say?

And so now I give you...

Rachel's ideas for saving energy and water:

Unplugging: this one's an oldie-but-goodie!  I've read, heard, and witnessed how unplugging appliances and electronics can save LOTS of energy.  So we're trying to make a habit of unplugging computers, phones (and chargers -- EVEN when they're not charging), stereos, space heaters, etc. when they're not in use.  When I lived with my dear friend Janelle (Hi, Janelle!) before my married days, I unplugged EVERYTHING before leaving for work each day, and it really saved us a lot of money on our energy bill.

Lights Off: This is simple:  If you're not in the room, don't leave the light on.  I'm curious to know if anyone also keeps candles and/or an oil lamp around for reading at night.  Has anyone done this?  I think I might try it this winter.

Bundle Up and Cuddle:  If it's cold out, wear more layers.  Wrap yourself in a fleece blanket.  Cuddle with your spouse/kids/pet-of-choice.

Bracing myself for the cold: bundled and armed with tea.

Energy-saver:  Opt for energy-saving appliances (air conditioners, washers, etc.).

Take It to the Gym:  If you belong to a gym, use the facilities.  Take a shower there a few times a week.

Air-dry the Laundry:  Rig up a clothing line inside the house (for the winter months) and outside the house (when it's nice out).

Overuse the Cold Setting:  When you can, choose to wash your clothes in cold water instead of warm or hot.

Alternate Heat Sources: This one I'm still learning about, since we just now have the option.  If you can, use your fireplace instead of gas heating or space heaters.

What about you?  What do you do to save energy and water?  I know there are some more great ideas out there, and I really want to put them into practice!

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