Monday, November 21, 2011

A Dose of the Un-Serious (and yes, there is squash involved)

There are some things I thought you should know about me --
-- not because they are important to know, but mainly because they take up my time -- whether it be physically in space, or mentally in the brainpan.

Also, I sat down to write today and I just don't have it in me to write anything serious.

So how about a dose of un-serious (non-serious?) Rachel?

Alright.  Here we go.

1) The "Squash" Thing:  Ok.  I admit it.  I have a strange new obsession with squashes.  It all started when I saw a bunch of squashes on sale at the local market for $0.99 each.  Naturally, I sent Elliott out to get as many squashes (or, as he likes to say, sqaushii) as he wanted with as much variety as possible.  So he came home with -- as my friend Lauren likes to say -- a herd of squashes.  So.  Meet my herd of squashes:

(Alright, so I know the middle one is a pumpkin.  But a pumpkin is kind-of like a squash, right?  Or is it legitimately a squash?  Does anyone know?)

(Oh, this is also important to note: I had already cooked three squashes before taking this photo.  So three of them didn't make it in here, including this turban squash:)

(RIP, turban squash.)

If you have yet to discover the joy of squash-cooking, may I recommend that you go out right now and buy up all the squash in your grocery store?  Seriously.  You'll thank me later when you've known the pleasure of eating an entire casserole-type meal out of your very own squash.  And saving the leftovers is a cinch - just put that top back on for some old-school tupperware!

2) The "School" Thing:  OHMYGOSHIAMALMOSTDONEWITHSCHOOL!!!!  For-reeeeeeealz, folks.  This has been a long. time. coming.  I feel like I've been a professional student since age four.  So after graduating college, I sort of spent all my time in auditions, plus auditioning for grad schools, before finally landing a free ride to Villanova for acting.  Then after going slightly crazy (not hyperbole), I decided to jump ship and entered into a master's program for education.  And I will be done in three weeks!  But what this means is when I'm not blogging, commenting on other blogs, doing chores, reading, or playing with beloved babygirl, I am in class, sort of looking like this:

(Dudes, I am done with school.)

Or I am writing my final paper, sort of looking like this:

(Dudes, I am done writing papers.)  

(I'm ready to assign those papers!)

So I've kind of been scrambling to get that paper done.

3) The "Procrastination" Thing:  Speaking of writing that paper, can I just admit to succumbing to procrastination this semester?  And can I also say that I've never procrastinated on an assignment before in my life?  I blame thank the baby for this new trait, because she helps me see what's important.  I could sort of use a little procrastination in my life.  But now I really have to write that paper.

4) The "Campus Ministry" Thing:  I also "do" campus ministry with my husband ("doing" campus ministry means a lot of chatting, praying, and Bible-reading over coffee... or dirty chais.  And if you don't know what a dirty chai is, go to your local coffee shop right now and order one.  But make sure you want to be awake for the next twelve hours.  Oh, and you're welcome.).  We *try to* blog about it here, so check it out.  But that also takes up some time.  I really love those college students.

5) The "Existential" Thing:  Sometimes I get way into the reality of everything.  I don't know how to explain it other than I could be doing something as simple as washing my hands, and I'll start to think about how my life will someday end and the world will someday end, and I'll be hit with this absurd sort of clarity of the whole situation of mankind, and then I'll remember I'm just washing my hands and I'll force myself to stop thinking about such things.  Because honestly, it hurts my brain... mainly because I can't put it into words, and that frustrates me.  At that point, I might put on The Shins and dance about whilst cleaning the kitchen.  Um.  No lie.  And people don't use the word "whilst" enough any more, so I'm bringing it back, okay?  (P.S. to #5: Kierkegaard is awesome.  You should read him sometime, and also read some background on him.)

6) The "Re-enactment" Thing:  I grew up re-enacting the Revolutionary War.  Isn't that cool???  Okay, so I know it's, um, technically "dorky" by the majority of the population, but as a kid, I thought it was really cool.  And as a grown-up, I am so thankful my brother and father brought me into it because I got to live out history.  What better way is there for a kid to dive into their heritage, huh?  It also probably sparked my love for acting.  I don't have any pictures of me as a kid dressed up, but here's a picture of my dad reading The Declaration of Independence:

(He does this every year for hundreds of people!  He's so cool!)

(P.S.  I love my dad.)

(P.P.S. HI DADDY!!!)

(P.P.P.S. You see that really awesome manor place in the background?  I used to work there.  It was my first job.  I gave tours.  And catalogued/preserved an old library.  It was one of the greatest jobs ever.)

7) The "Renaissance" Thing:  Oh, and I also worked for the Renaissance Faire.  Yes.  I am that dorky.  But before you cast more judgement, wouldn't you work for the Renaissance Faire if it meant you got to dress up, speak in an English accent, and play with swords for 10+ hours a day???  Um.  Yes.  Yes, you would.  This is me as Maid Marian:

(I got captured.  Don't worry, I eventually escaped.  The good guys always win.)

(Oh yeah.  Except that one time I became the evil Sheriff at the end of the day.  But, uh, we don't talk about that time.)

8)  The "Potato" Thing:  I think potatoes are funny.  And yummy in whatever form they take. 

9)  The "Dinosaur" Thing:  I am really obsessed with dinosaurs.  So obsessed that my bridal shower had dinosaur table centers.  So obsessed that Gwendolyn got more dinosaur stuffed animals than any other normal stuffed animal.  So obsessed that I watch Jurassic Park every single year.  I mean.  C'mon.  Those things were real.  How could I not be obsessed??

10) The "Baby" Thing:  Oh, #10 was just an excuse to show you this:

What about you?  
Any funny/interesting things about yourself you'd like to share?

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