Friday, November 11, 2011

living it makes all the difference

I remember you.

You were different.
You lived it.

And I thought -- if there is a living, breathing God out there, then surely you know Him.

I looked at your life, and that's what changed my mind --
that's what halted my journey --
a haphazard journey of other religions and texts and philosophies and self.
I looked at your life,

and I took the leap

at least, an initial leap --
a declaring of my decision to follow Christ as Savior --
still amidst some lingering doubts,
but holding on to a promise,
a hope,
a trusting that maybe
this. was. It.

It wasn't until years later when He took hold of my life
as LORD of my life
that I understood the transformation of Life
that you were transfixed under.

But I just wanted to say: thank you.
Thank you for living the life -- the straight and narrow path --
thank you for living with authenticity, and letting God work through you.

Because it has made all the difference.

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