Tuesday, November 15, 2011

musings from a SAHM

(Can I just preface this post with another disclaimer about how I NEVER thought I would be a SAHM?  So when I muse about what it's like, I feel like I'm like an anthropologist studying a different culture that I'm not really a part of.  Okay, I know I actually AM a part of it now, but honestly, for so much of my life, I didn't think staying-at-home was an option, so I'm a newbie.  It's all very strange as I discover more and more what it means.  So... yeah.)

Sometimes, you just have to stay in your pajamas.
...because you wake up feeling achey and tired.
...because just getting out of bed is almost enough.
...because the mountain of laundry is ever-growing and it's just more comfortable to fold while wearing your PJs.
...because you have a feeling it's going to be a snuggle day with the little one.
...because sometimes, you just need to give yourself a break.

And sometimes, you just have to put on clothes.
...because it's the best motivator for a productive day.
...because at the drop of a hat, you could actually go outside for a walk.
...because why else do you have all those clothes?
...because you just did the laundry yesterday and your favorite pants are clean again and BY GOLLY you are going to get the best use out of them.  (Yes, I just said "BY GOLLY."  And no, I am not a Peanuts character.)
...because even though you know no one else will see you, it makes YOU feel better.

Today is a PJ day for me.  What about you??

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