Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Prayer: Let It Be

Thank you for the stillness --
for helping me to want the stillness -- and to want Your presence and Your Word.  God, you know how hard it has been for me to get into this habit.  Please.  Please help me to want it long enough so that the habit becomes like breathing -- that it becomes wedged into my life so permanently that I couldn't imagine a day without You.

Let it be, Lord.

Thank you for listening to our prayers --
for loving us -- for wanting to spend time with us.  Thank you for not only being mindful of us but for showering us with good things.  Please be with the people who suffer around the world, especially those who cling to you -- give them tangible encouragement and help them identify spiritual blessings.  Please give them assurance that their family around the world is praying for them, even if we cannot do anything to let them know.  But please also show us if there is ever a way to let them know.

Let it be, Lord.

Thank you for the Gospel --
for incarnational ministry that You started by coming in human form to be with us.  Immanuel.  Thank you, Lord, for being "God with us."  Thank you for giving us a way to be with You -- the only way that makes sense -- that Jesus Christ took on human flesh to conquer the sins of all humanity in order that we might be saved.  But God -- there are so many who still do not know -- who still see "the message of the cross as foolishness" -- please move in their hearts.  Soften their hearts.  Let them know and see You for Who You Are.  Please, Father.

Let it be.

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