Tuesday, November 8, 2011

this post brought to you by writer's block and my husband

Me:  I think I have writer's block.

Husband:  Oh yeah?

Me:  Yeah.  I thought it was the medication I was on -- making me all fuzzy-headed -- but now I think it's just writer's block.

Husband:  I could give you some topic ideas, if you want.

Me:  No, no - that's okay.  I have topics, I just can't seem to write about them-

Husband: Like today - when I was driving around, I smelled a skunk three different times!

Me:  *blank stare*

Me:  Wait.  Is that it?

Husband:  Yeah, what's with that??

Me:  *blank stare again*

Me:  Wait.  Really?  That's your topic?

Husband:  No, you don't understand -- it was three different skunks in three different places!

Me:  Um.  Okay.


Husband:  Isn't that weird?

(You can file this under the "sometimes-strange" category.)
(I'm hoping to get a regular WNW post out tomorrow.  Hoping.)

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