Saturday, November 26, 2011

Twin Tales: Brain Explosion

To begin, some background:  Micah and Titus are my twin nephews.

This is Titus:

He's sweet.  He thinks that dentists go to work to spin around.

This is Micah:

He's also sweet.  He thinks ... well, you'll see what he thinks later on in the post.

Also, it's important to note that the twins say, "Yeh," to everything.  Not "Yeah," but "Yeh."  For instance, if you ask them if they are dinosaurs, they will say, "Yeh."

Part One, Tales from the Brain of a Two-Year-Old

Elliott:  Micah, do you know what a brain is?

Micah:  Yeh.

Elliott:  What is it?

Micah:  What is it?

Elliott:  No, I'm asking you - what is it?  Titus, do you know what a brain is?

Titus:  Yeh.

Elliott:  What is it?

Titus:  *blank stare, slightly nervous and quiet*'s like a.... it's kinda like a truck.

Elliott:  Did you think I said train?

Titus:  Yeh.

Elliott:  No, not a train, Titus -- a brain.  Do you know what a brain is?


Elliott: Alright, well do you know where your brain is?


Elliott:  It's the thing behind your eyeballs.  Have you ever wondered what's behind your eyeballs?

Micah (excitedly):  YEH!

Elliott:  You have not, Micah!

Part Two, Tales from Thanksgiving

Micah (to Elliott):  Where's your friend?

Elliott:  My friend??  Who are you talking about?

Micah:  Gwendolyn.

Elliott:  Micah, do you think Gwendolyn is my friend?

Micah:  Yeh.

Elliott:  Micah, Gwendolyn is my daughter!  I'm her daddy.

Micah:  You're not daddy!

Elliott:  Yes, I am!  I'm Gwendolyn's daddy.  You know everyone has a daddy, right?

Micah:  Uh-huh.

Elliott: Who's your daddy?

Micah: *points to his daddy*

Elliott: Who's Gwendolyn's daddy?

Micah:  *points to Elliott*

Elliott:  Who is your daddy's daddy?

Micah:  Huh?

Elliott:  Papa is your daddy's daddy.

Micah: ...yeh.

Elliott:  Papa is my daddy-in-law.

Micah:  *blank stare to indicate slight brain explosion*
Micah:  *crumbles into a ball on the couch* Blaaaaaahahhghghghghhhh!

Elliott:  I broke my nephew.

(You can read more about my adorable nephews at their mama's blog here.)

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