Saturday, December 24, 2011

breathing hallelujah

I could keep going.
I could.
But I don't.

Instead, I put the tea on and heat up some soy milk.
I grab my best cup and saucer, putting a small square of dark chocolate on the side.
I situate myself on the couch, facing the Christmas tree, adorned with twinkling lights.

I breathe.

I accept the space given to me in this moment...
because so often, I just let these spaces slip right by me,
but today - I take the space.

I breathe.

My mind starts off in a whirlwind - I tell God about my day and all the things I've done and all the things I want to do, and all the things I have yet to do, and memories cloud my brain until there's so much noise-NOISE-NOISE rattling around that my mind has merely forgotten that my body is sitting still.

And it seems like this can sometimes be the season of noise...
if we let it.

But it's not a season for mere noise, but for joyful noise -
for sounds resounding - echoing throughout our lives.

Christ has come.
Christ IS come.
Christ will come again.

I breathe again into the stillness -- in and out -- 

a simple, a quiet, a truthful -


Merry Christmas.

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