Tuesday, December 6, 2011

an unproductive, productive day

Today has been an unproductive day.

I have not done the laundry.
I have not swept and mopped the floors.
I have not washed the dishes.
I have barely had time to eat, let alone time to make things to eat.
I have not written the words that I've been wanting to write.
I have not been able to read the news or catch up on blogs.
I have not ordered the Christmas presents.
I have barely had time to answer e-mails.  Or comments.
I have not made those important phone calls I swore I'd make today.

But today has also been a productive day.

I fed my baby.
I made sure she had clean diapers to wear.
I sang carols and read rhymes.
I played with little toes and tickled a tiny tummy.
I calmed wild tears due to a stuffy nose.
I attempted to un-stuff said-stuffy nose.
I rocked a wailing baby to sleep.
I watched a beautiful little girl sleep soundly in my arms.
I listened to her breathing.
I prayed with her, and over her.

I thanked the Lord for the chance to be with my baby, 
on this unproductive, productive day.

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