Tuesday, January 24, 2012

can outfits be cursed?

Warning:  I talk about poop in this post.  If you're a parent or a six-year-old boy, you probably won't notice.  If you're anyone else, you've been fairly warned.

To future Gwen:  I'm sorry.  You're a baby and you're funny; there was bound to be a poop post sooner or later.  If you don't want this stuff on the internet, be mindful of where and when you poop.

So, this is my favorite "everyday" type outfit that Gwenny currently wears (size 6-9 months):

See that?  That's a tutu.  Is there ANYTHING cuter than GWEN in a TUTU?  The answer is no.  And the outfit is cream-colored, which is a nice change from the typical everything-must-be-pink style of girl clothes.

In short:  it's adorable, she looks adorable in it, and I love this outfit.

I try to "save" this outfit for semi-special occasions, like church or play group at the library.  It's too cute for me to dress her in it when we're merely going to be at home puttering around.

But of course, Gwen knows something's up.  Because whenever I "save" this outfit for a special day, she decides to poop all over it.

Here's the thing:  she neverneverneverneverNEVERnever does this with any of her other outfits.  Or when we're home all day.  With any other outfit, all the mess stays inside the diaper.  Or if I put this outfit on her and we stayed inside all day, she'd probably behave.  But as soon as I take her out in the outfit, it's like she goes crazy.

I thought it was all in my head until this Sunday.  Church hadn't even started.  I was changing her diaper and she peed over the entire shirt (this happening because she started rolling away mid-diaper-change -- I'm sure you know what that's like).  That's when I decided that this outfit must be cursed.

Either that, or Gwenny sure has a sense of humor.

Personally, I think she's in cahoots with her Papa (Grandpa) who is trying to get me back for the day I pooped all over him in church when I was baby.


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