Sunday, January 29, 2012

on it you shall not do any work

"I have no right to be tired," I moan to my husband, allowing my eyes to quickly span the house.  There's clutter everywhere, and I was looking forward to Gwen's long nap in order to clear it away.

But I sit down, exhausted -- this, despite the fact that my little girl actually gave me seven hours of uninterrupted sleep last night (Praise God!).  Still, I can't motivate myself enough to fight away the tired.  I want to rest.  I feel my body slumping down into my seat as I stumble into a conversation with God.

God, I just can't do this today.
So don't.
No, really.  I don't think I can be productive.
So don't.  
Oh.  Wait.  Really?
Not today.

Suddenly, Elliott breaks into our conversation with, "When's the last time you had a Sabbath, anyways?"

AH.  I was ready for this one, and so say without hesitation, "FRIDaaayyyy....." and then let the word linger uneasily in the air.

He knows and I know that Friday was not a Sabbath for me this week, but a day full of running Gwendolyn to the doctor's and (many) errands.

"Oh.  I guess I didn't take a Sabbath on Friday."
"Nope," he responds.
Nope, God says.
"I think I need to take today off."
"Yup," says Elliott.
Yes, says God.

And it's no wonder that I am aching to read the Bible, sitting cozy on the couch while the baby sleeps.  It's no wonder that God is drawing me nearer to Him today.

So I leave the clutter.
And I open the Word.

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