Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a (potentially future) pastor's wife speaks

(Yesterday I spoke briefly about my husband's seminary application process.  For one of the applications, a spousal statement is required.  Below is (part of) my statement.)

I cannot run from God.

That is the phrase that comes into my mind as I try to express why I think my husband should attend seminary:  I cannot run from God.

Anyone who has served in ministry leadership knows that it would perhaps be easier to get a secular job, earn a comfortable living, and play it "safe."  But what my husband and I have learned over the last few years of marriage together is that God does not ask us to play it safe; He asks us to follow Him.

We have followed Him into ministry together, serving side-by-side in campus ministry.  We have followed Him into Christian community together, living for 3 1/2 years with other Christian families and being spiritually stretched in the process.  We have followed Him into support-raising, trusting God and God alone with our funds we we have asked others into partnership for the Gospel by supporting us.  And now, we are following Him in the call to pastoral ministry.

I purposefully stress that we are following the Lord into pastoral ministry together, because I am as much a part of the ministry as my husband.  I know the types of sacrifices God asks a pastor's wife to make, and I am willing to make them in obedience to Christ.  I have struggled alongside my husband, attempting to discern if this is the path God wants us to take, and I am certain it is.  God has gifted my husband in such a way and has knitted our lives together in such a way that points directly to pastoral ministry.

I cannot run from God, and I won't.
He has called us into pastoral ministry, and we will follow.

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