Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what i wore wednesday: haphazard happenings and the hair verdict

Okay, first a massive disclaimer:  I fully acknowledge that the pictures in this post are lacking.  Like... severely lacking.  It was a crazy week and it was amazing that I even got out of a hoodie and out of my house at all, let alone found a husband to take some pictures of some semi-inspired outfits.  Okay?  Okay.  Moving on.

In light of a crazy week, I am calling these outfits Haphazard Happenings.  They were cooler in person, but alas, the pictures!  The pictures!

This first outfit was much cooler/not-so-thrown-together-looking in real life.  I wore it to my friend's baby shower.  The dress is sort of a Gunne-Sax-look-alike but I don't know who made it (my mom got it from the internet).  I'll wear/show-off the shawl I'm wearing another time; it's from my sister-in-law who is a missionary in Ecuador (and hence the shawl is from Ecuador.  The color is a beautiful green, but you can't really see it here).

So, yeah, I blinked.  So we tried to take another shot...

...and somehow it was worse?

Anyways, if I seem super bundled up, it's because I was.  We woke up to this:

We have more yard/driveway than we do house.  So it was quite a rude awakening to remember - oh yeah, we don't live in the city any more and actually have to shovel everything, and - oh yeah, that snowblower we have needs an extension cord.  

Since my husband had come back from a staff seminar the night before, I decided to tackle the driveway all by myself:

Oh, yes I did.

Okay, enough snow.  Back to outfits.

Sunday was our Young Adult and College Sunday, and I was singing frontline vocals.  I wanted to look spiffy.  I tried to sort of capture my outfit in bits and pieces since husband was away all day...with the young adults and college students (it's his job, ya know?).

The funny thing is that the worship leader was wearing pretty much the same exact outfit as me, although she's 36 (now 37?) weeks pregnant, and I am... not.


Dress:  i.ner?... that's what it said on the tag... probably from Anthro (maybe my mom knows; it was from her closet), Leggings: Old Navy, Boots: Steve Madden

I wore this pretty red-rose ear-warmer headband from Urban Outfitters. 

And I decided to do a quick, messy updo with my hair, since I have it and all.

...emphasis on messy...

...but it worked, I think.

Thanks to everyone who gave me such good advice about the hair thing.  After much thought, I've decided (drum roll?  anyone?) I'm going to grow it out as long as I can stand it and do my very best to make it look pretty.

And as for Gwenny, she had a cute outfit on, but it seems to be cursed, as we all found out yesterday.

pleated poppy

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