Wednesday, January 18, 2012

what i wore wednesday: simple staples and baby slings

pleated poppy

This week, some basics, and then I have a question...

Simple Staples:  Favorite Dress

This is my favorite dress.  I bought it at a thrift store and I wear it whenever I want to look nice but don't want to make ANY effort whatsoever.  Gwenny is dressed like a sailor girl.

Dress: Thrifted, Sailor Outfit: Gifted, Rain Boots: Sperry (DSW)

Oh, and since some were interested:  Glasses: Vogue

(Don't mind those baby toys at my feet... sometimes these things are unavoidable.)

Simple Staples:  Basic Essentials

This outfit is pretty basic, but I love how throwing together some basic essentials makes for an elegant-casual outfit.  This is what I wore on Sunday to church.

Shirt: Express (Thrifted), Corduroy Skirt: Hand-me-down (Thanks Nicole!), Grey Tights: ummm?, Shoes: Payless

Teeny-tiny heels!

Baby Slings

Yesterday was one-of-those-days when Gwennybear was only happy whilst I was carrying her.  Since there were some things that had to get done around the house, I decided to sling her up for the day.  As you can tell, this made her very happy.

Baby Sling by  Baby K'Tan


Okay, so here's my question, and I'd like you all to weigh in.  My hair is at that length where I need to get it trimmed and decide if I'm going to cut it again or grow it out.  The last time I grew it out was when I was pregnant, but then it got to an annoying length where I didn't like it (and started putting it up in a ponytail EVERY DAY, which I do not like doing).  And thus began/begins the never-ending cycle:  I chop it off, let it grow to about the length you see it here, and then chop it off again.  I'm never actually happy with my hair.  So a part of me feels like I'm going to go all Michelle-Williams and just chop it all off so that it's a pixie cut.  But another part of me feels like I might regret it, and maybe I should stick-it-out for now and try to grow it really long so I can updo it like the ladies in Downton Abbey (okay, so maybe not really... but sorta-kinda-maybe I would try?  Sometimes?).  

So what should I do?  Pixie-cut it or grow it out really long?

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