Wednesday, September 26, 2012

grief, action, and the restoration of creation

In my desire to become strengthened in intercessory prayer, there is a deepness attached to that request.  When I sit in silence before the Lord -- asking Him to show me who needs prayer and what exactly I can pray on their behalf -- I find myself overcome with grief.  My heart breaks when I think of those who suffer.

I see their faces.  I know their situations.
I am utterly grieved.

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It's not misplaced.  God grieves too.  Jesus wept.  He still weeps.

The world is broken, and people are suffering because of it.
People are broken.
And I am breaking for them.

I really sense that I am seeing a part of God -- experiencing a part of God -- when He brings me to tears in prayer.  I realize that He is saddened.  Deeply saddened.

One of the most famous arguments against the existence of the Christian God is suffering in the world.  But it's not like God is just sitting there, watching the suffering, and turning a blind eye.  He is counting on His children to help restore the earth.

That also doesn't mean that Christians can sit idly by and say, "Well, someday Jesus will come back and everything will be well again.  In the meantime, I'm just going to go to church and pretend that suffering doesn't really happen.  There's nothing we can do until Jesus comes back."

I'd imagine that God grieves when He witnesses that sentiment being uttered and lived out.

No, we are not called to sit idly by.
No, God is not sitting stoic on a big throne.
We should grieve along with God, and that grief should bring us to action.

That's why social justice is so important.  That's why community is so important.  That's why we must not only pray for our friends and those around the world, but we must find ways to tangibly help. 

This is the time of the church.  This is the time that we look forward to the restoration of the earth as we currently participate in that restoration.  What we do here matters in eternity.

So today I would ask that you take a moment in silence before the Lord and ask Him:
God, what is grieving you?  What should be grieving me?
How can I help? 
How can I participate in the restoration of creation?

"Break my heart for what breaks Yours."
Hosanna, Hillsong United

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