Thursday, September 20, 2012

peel back the layers and just get rid of it

Sometimes we're sinning and don't know we're sinning.

But as we get closer to the Lord, He graciously peels back layer after layer of sin that we have built up and collected over years.

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Peeling back a layer hurts, because it usually requires some sort of action -- sometimes drastic -- on our part.  Every so often, He'll just release us from our sin after one prayer, but many times it takes work.

Here's the thing: when God reveals an area of sin in your life, pay attention.  Because that's grace right there -- that He is exposing something that is weighing you down, binding you up, and keeping you from experiencing the fullness of Life in Him.

So take action.

"Do not fuel your sinful imagination."
Romans 13:10, The Voice

We can choose to continue to "fuel" our sin by indulging in whatever it is -- or by even tempting ourselves to indulge.
Taking action against the sin may require some major re-orienting of habits.  But it's necessary.   Remember when Jesus said, "If your left eye causes you to sin, pluck it out"?  Think about that.  Is the left eye sinful in itself?  Of course not.  It's useful and it's part of God's creation.  It's part of us.  But if, for whatever reason, something natural and useful is causing you to sin, then seriously: just get rid of it.

There are some things in my life that I've had to just get rid of -- things that may be totally acceptable in your lives.  There are certain magazines I cannot let myself look at because it indulges my vanity or envy -- ie. wanting to look super-duper-skinny like celebrities.  I just stopped looking at those magazines.  And if I ever pick one up haphazardly, then I immediately go back into my old habits of comparing, being jealous, and wanting to diet unhealthily.  But since God revealed that to me and I made an effort to get rid of the magazines, I've slowly been released from severe body image issues.

So what is it for you?  What has God revealed to you that is causing you to stumble -- that is keeping you bound up?  Because whatever it is, just get rid of it.
  • Please share a time of triumph -- a time when God told you to get rid of something and you did, and experienced great release.

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