Saturday, September 8, 2012

to dream the dreams of God

By nature, I am a dreamer.  

For better or worse, I am always thinking of what's next -- dreaming of what's to come -- whether it's a graduation or a wedding or a baby or a new home.  I pray often that God keeps me content and keeps my dreams in place, because being a dreamer can easily turn into being discontent with your current circumstances.  And that's just a miserable existence. 

So most of the time, I thank the Lord for what He has given (and He has given us a lot), and then start to ask Him for some other dreams.

But the thing is... well, the dreams go deep.  They spill out from my heart.  Desires for things-to-come are strong -- and most of the time (I think), they are good.  They aren't selfish, but good.  They are a part of who God made me.

But if these are just my dreams, then they are fruitless, and I want none of them.

If God is the potter and I am the clay, then I ask God to mold me into what He wants.

I ask that God takes my inner thoughts, and especially my dreams, and aligns them with His own.

I do not want to keep asking for things He does not want for my life.  I want to desire after His thoughts, His desires, His dreams. 

  • When was a time that you had a dream that God re-aligned to His own plans?
  • When was a time that you had a dream that God answered?

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