Monday, October 29, 2012

a storm is coming

It seems so strange to me that in my part of the world right now, everything is on hold.

There are no cars on the street.
All of the neighbors have stayed home from work on a Monday morning.
Businesses and schools are closed.
Colleges have evacuated.

We are bracing for a hurricane.

Even yesterday, as Gwen and I went out for our last walk for the next three days, it was a ghost town.

Eerily quiet.

Except for the winds.

We are prepared (mainly), although we have a few more things to do.  And I admit -- I am fearful.  I am praying against that fear, and I have many telling me it's nothing to worry about, as long as you're safe and prepared -- but I am a hurricane novice. 

What's also new to me is this "being-on-my-own" thing.  Since we've lived in community with other families for so long, I never really fretted about storms because everyone else seemed to know what to do.  I also lived in urban settings, so trees were never an issue.  This is the first major storm that Elliott and I are braving on our own.  It's also the first storm since moving away from home where I am realizing the thing I LOVE about our home -- the many trees surrounding our property -- is now a liability.

But I am also thankful that we can stay home today.  My husband can work from home, we still (for the time being) have power and water, and ultimately, there is God who I know I can trust.

So we'll sit it out -- embrace the ghostliness of the day and take the opportunity to hunker down as a family and brave the storm.

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