Tuesday, October 23, 2012

transitions, a river, and some non-negotiables

Life is all about transitions.

Some of them you know beforehand -- a transition from high school to college, from singleness to marriage, from a couple to a family.

Some of them you know are probably going to happen -- two naps become one nap, moving into a bigger space (someday),  changing jobs from time to time.

Other transitions, you're completely unprepared for -- a baby who decides they no longer want to nap, a job loss, a serious tragedy.

Life is all about transitions.
And we have to transition with it.

Sometimes it's a matter of being open -- of being flexible -- like liquid.

But it's also a matter of remaining steadfast -- of knowing the non-negotiables.

Life is a constant stream of transitions.  

Photo by aigle_dore on flickr

I much prefer a lake or a pond -- something that changes slightly, but not dramatically.  The deep end is always the deep end.  The lily pads sprout up in the same general area.  You know where you stand.

But since life is more of a river or stream, you have to know how to navigate it.  This means knowing what you need -- a canoe, a paddle, a life vest.  Or in my terms -- time with God, time with my family, exercise, alone time.  Things that must remain steady in order for me to remain sane.

And once you know the non-negotiables, you find time to fit them in.
You make time.
You remain steadfast, but not immovable.
You transition with the transitions, but you do not change your priorities.

  • What are your non-negotiables?
  • What are the things that need to be non-negotiables but haven't quite made the list yet?
  • How do you consistently keep your priorities straight despite constant transitions? 

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