Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where am I?

I realize that a few days of silence in the blogging world can seem like months.  I also realize that probably many of you haven't given a thought to where I am.

Here's the thing: we (uggggh) don't have internet in our house.  I have a brief hour graciously given to me by my husband every morning to do my *actual* job of writing for a business.  That's all I got.  So reading/commenting on other blogs and writing my own blog takes second place, and honestly is not happening.

Why don't I have internet?  That's a great story.  I WILL tell it because it's partly ridiculous and partly educational (as someone who used to work in a customer service hotline and with a slight savvy for business, I know how to negotiate with the customer service people -- even if it does take over an hour -- and I think everyone should know how to do this).

So I'm praying we get internet today.  For some reason, Verizon is having a lot of trouble hooking up our house, so hopefully something will happen today.  It's really hard to cook when all your recipes are saved in your e-mail or on Pinterest. :)

Please leave some encouragement and share a story when you had to do without a (semi-needed?) service for a while.  I'd love to hear it.

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