Wednesday, November 7, 2012

new rhythms and making room for baby #2

As I write this, I am watching the fast snowflakes fall outside the window as I'm slowly waking myself up. 

Gwen and I (and Baby #2 - let's not leave her out of this!) have found a new rhythm.

It involves a short-but-sweet one and a half hour nap at 11.  For the both of us -- er, I mean, the three of us.

It's different, but life with a baby means you're in constant flux.  I got rather attached to that two-nap-per-day schedule, but frankly, that's simply not our reality any more.

Napping takes a good chunk out of my day, and I don't get that "alone time" that my introverted self craves because -- well, let's face it, I'm craving sleep even more right now.  But if I want to be semi-alert for the rest of the day, then I must sleep when she sleeps.

And I've decided to embrace it.

The reality is that in a few short months, there will be another little girl Simko nestling herself into our cottage and our lives.  And I have a feeling I'm going to be exhausted... and will need more sleep.

In other words, my life is already adjusting to her arrival.  I'm taking more (necessary) breaks, and (somehow) finding other times to do things (or just not do them).  And she is reminding me -- constantly -- of her existence, usually by kicking me awake every hour each night.

So here is a warm welcome to you, little Simko #2!  We will reorganize our lives as is necessary in order to care for you -- and we already are.

  • What's been happening in your life?  Have you had to reorganize your schedule for any reason?
  • How have you made room for new relationships in your life?

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