Wednesday, February 20, 2013

38 weeks and counting (down)

Here is an admittedly awful shot of something I wore this week.
Long, oversized, blue sweater: thrifted, floral top: Old Navy, green pants: Kohls

...but the top is certainly purty, don't you think?
I'm trying to wear brighter-ish colors since it's so drab outside.
So I'm actually re-purposing all my summer maternity-wear from the last pregnancy.
The secret is to find some spiffy non-maternity sweaters that you can button halfway, like this:

(I know this photo is from an older post, but I swear I wore it this week!)
Yellow sweater with big buttons that my daughter adores: my mom's closet - J. Crew, floral top: Old Navy

And just to prove I'm still diggin' the pixie cut...

(But seriously -- does my hair grow FAST!)

My ballerina also wore something special...

People probably think I dress her up like this on purpose, but seriously, she goes into her drawers and picks out a tutu almost every day.  Granted, I try to pair it nicely with some leggings and t-shirts, but the inspiration comes from her brain.
Owl t-shirt: borrowed from her friend Zoey, neon tutu: Circo -gifted from Lauren!, purple leggings: a specialty shop in Williamsburg VA

38 weeks and counting (down)
Dudes, this baby is getting big.
And by that I mean -- I am getting super uncomfortable.

Now don't get me wrong -- I am still trusting in the Lord's timing for this baby's arrival, and I am remembering that babies born closer to their due date are more successful at breastfeeding, but when I have to do some sort of crazy-ninja-pregnancy-move to get out of bed for the hundredth time at night, then I think, "C'mooooooonnnnnnnn baby!  We're ready!!"

I feel myself releasing any remaining anxiety of her arrival.

"Okay, God.  I'm ready when you are.  I'm ready when she is."

But praying that prayer makes me a wee bit antsy for her to come... yesterday.

Anyways, here's what's current with this pregnancy...

Listening to... How Emptiness Sings by Christa Wells
Exercising by... Warming up on the bike, then weights with modified burpees/pushups/planks, then walking/jogging intermittently (trying to make this happen 3X a week)
Preparing for labor with... Evening Primrose Oil and Red Raspberry Leaf tea
Relishing... The last weeks of being alone with my daughter, and taking advantage of her current kick of sleeping in each morning
Relaxing by... Reading blogs (especially baby and breastfeeding blogs), watching movies/TV (Elliott and I currently intrigued by House of Cards on Netflix and also currently very thankful that season 3 of Downton Abbey came to its end.  I don't know how the show could possibly get any worse... and no, not because of the ending of season 3, but because of the writing.  It's just plain awful.)
Cooking... Lots of soup, wraps, sandwiches, eggs, and ready-cut veggies
Accepting... Lots of help from everyone :)
Thankful... For my doula!!  What a Godsend she is!
Waiting... For those contractions!!!

  • What are you currently doing these days?
  • How do you recommend remaining patient in the last couple weeks of pregnancy?

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