Monday, February 18, 2013

Guest Post: How to Prepare for Baby (#2!)

Today I am so excited to introduce to you my blogger friend Sarah.  She's a twenty-something mom, wife, and Jesus-lover, and she blogs where they all come together at Mommy Notes.  She's got a wicked sense of humor and a beautiful writing style, so you should all start following her blog.

We have kids around the same age and are both pregnant with our second.  With that in mind, we thought we'd swap posts and give everyone some advice about how to get ready for the second baby.  Please take a moment to visit my guest post over at her blog here

A few weeks ago, I sat down to make a Preparing for Baby #2 list. It was short; something about freezing a few meals and buying a pink sheet for the cradle. This weekend, it occurred to me that my baby girl's due date is two months away. Do you know how fast two months goes by? My list just got a little more serious. Here's how I'm preparing for D-Day:

My heart.
I neglected my walk with Christ last time, but this time, I'm determined not to make the same mistake. As part of my Siesta Scripture Memory Challenge, I've picked Psalm 139:13-18 to etch on my heart over the next two months:

These are words the Lord's given me to whisper over my daughter, but they're also words He's given me for my own soul. Motherhood is hard. My hope is that, by inscribing these words of identity on my heart now, I can find some stable footing when depression looms, exhaustion hijacks my emotional sanity, or I start to unravel into anger.

Practically speaking...
When my son was a newborn, I spent a ridiculous amount of time watching TV to keep myself awake while he nursed. This time around, we are cable and local channel free, and more to the point, I have a toddler. I figure his antics will keep me awake during the day, but at night, for those marathon nursing sessions, I'll need some help. I have a Nook, and I love it, but there's not room in my budget for books right now. Enter: the local library. Somehow, through some ridiculously complicated process, I can check out books, for free. And that's my goal--to figure out how to stock up on some good (FREE!) reads.

The other "practical" item on my list is the Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner. Our 20mo/old is a light sleeper, and I've got a baby who's about to share a room with him. The price tag is a bit steep, but I have a feeling I'd be happy to forgo even a few meals if it would mean one or both of my children sleeping for any given length of time.

My body (not quite a wonderland).
This post and this post are where I'm starting my post-partum healing medicine cabinet. I love homeopathy, but the idea of taking a few carefully chosen remedies post-partum never occurred to me till well after the fact with my last pregnancy. I'm excited about being more intentional about healing this time! 

I've got Lindsay Brin's Postnatal Bootcamp ready to go. I spent way too much time frustrated with my post-baby pooch last time, so I'm going to be proactive. If I don't work out, I can't complain. Right? Right.(Riiiiiiiiight)

My family.
Isn't this Skip Hop Little Kid Backpack precious? I don't want to forget my little guy! I think he would have a B-L-S-T with this little pack, filled with some fun dollar store toys. Maybe a cute Big Brother gift for the hospital? My other two big goals for my toddler are to teach him how to stay by my side when we're in public (possible? hopefully...), and we're gonna try our hand at some Duggar-style blanket time

 This is really what we'll be doing over the next two months--lots and lots and LOTS of playing! 

The meals that won't get frozen...
Honestly, I don't think I'll be freezing a lot of actual meals. Casseroles and soups lend themselves best to the freezer, but since we're not big casserole/soup people, my plan is to have a lot of pre-cooked basics and pre-assembled ingredients that are easy to throw into the crockpot during the day, or simple enough that my non-cooking husband can make it happen on the stove after work. Here are a few of my ideas (I'll be posting more later!):

1. Ingredients bagged and prepped for Slow-Cooker Chicken Tagine and Slow-Cooker Wild Rice with Chicken and Sugar Snap Peas (I use whole frozen chicken breasts for both, and I also plan to have lots of crock pot liners handy!)
2. Several frozen lasagnas
3. A cut or two of pork for slow-cooker pulled pork w/ some hamburger buns in the freezer, too (I just throw a big 'ol piece of pork in the crockpot, pour our favorite BBQ sauce on top, and cook for several hours. VERY NICE.)
4. Cookies, bread, and waffles, baked and frozen.

This list is by no means exhaustive or realistic (TWO lasagnas in the freezer? Snort.), but it's a start, and hopefully it helps you if you're anywhere close to this season of life. I am always looking for more ideas, though, so tell me...what's on your list? 

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