Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes: breastfeeding, garden gnomes, and a veronica mars movie?!

Time for something a little different today...

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 210)

- 1 - 

So I had a baby a week ago, which means right now my life is consumed with babybabybaby.  Burp cloths, sleepless nights (WHOA sleepless nights!), leaking diapers, cuddles, cooing, little itsy bitsy adorable eyes, an overload of pictures and videos on Facebook, and well -- you get the point.

Just a note on sleepless nights:  do we block these early days out of our brains completely?  I do remember being exhausted in the first couple of weeks with Gwen, but I do not remember her needing to sleep ON me for certain (long, extended) hours of the night and day.  Hopefully it's just the beginning and Amelie will get into a good sleep rhythm like Gwen easily did, which brings me to number 2...

- 2 -

We co-slept with Gwendolyn for the first 3 1/2 months, and would have done it longer if we hadn't moved and just decided to transition her to a crib and her own room.  I remember I hated that transition; I got much more sleep when we were co-sleeping.  I'm also convinced that Gwen got into a good sleep rhythm because she slept next to us.  The plan right now is to co-sleep with Amelie for about six months or until Gwen is ready for her big girl bed (and I'm waiting on her cues for that).

Here's what we use for co-sleeping:


...except we have it in the cocoa-brown color.

- 3 - 

Along with babies and co-sleeping comes breastfeeding.  Gwendolyn and I had a rough time of it due to various reasons, although we powered through it for 8 months (not as long as I would have liked).  I was determined to start out on a better footing this time.  So far, so good.  It's not perfect -- we still have our challenges, Amelie and me -- but I am having a lot more patience with the whole thing.

I've been reading up a storm on all-things-breastfeeding, and have especially been enjoying reading all of the posts Christine put up in the breastfeeding series over at African Babies Don't Cry.  I've also met some people through commenting there, and received the eBook More Milk, Naturally by Megan Kimmelshue.  Part of my issues with Gwen was maintaining supply, so as soon as I came home from the hospital, my mom and Elliott went to Trader Joe's to stock up on lactation-friendly foods (as recommended by the book).  It's been yummy, and I've loved eating to my heart's content (and have already shed 15+ of the 30 pounds gained -- I love breastfeeding!).

- 4 -
garden gnomes

One of my best friends (Victoria of Justice Pirate) is coming this weekend to take newborn pictures of Amelie.  She texted me the other day, something to the effect of, "Do you have a garden gnome or is that a little too much for a girl named Amelie?"

If you've never seen the movie Amelie, basically here's the deal with the gnome:  Amelie steals her father's garden gnome and has her stewardess friend take snapshots of it all around the world.  Amelie wants to inspire her father to travel after the death of her mother.

Anyways, I think it's a SUPER cute and original idea (I mean, how many newborn pictures do you see with a garden gnome?  And how fitting!) so I think Elliott and I are going to procure one for the weekend.  I always wanted a garden gnome anyways.  Now's the time!

- 5 -
my knight in shining armor

Oh my goodness.  My husband.  What an amazing guy.  He has been taking care of the three of us without complaint or any show of losing steam.  I let him sleep through the night, taking care of Amelie's diapers and burps and all, but then he lets me rest ALL day long.  And Gwendolyn is having the time of her life having daddy all to herself.  They go for long walks, long drives, long romps in the yard -- many times with Amelie wrapped around him in the Baby K'tan.  I've definitely been leaning on him for support as I recover, and I hope I feel recovered soon enough for him to go back to work!  Oh, how I am fearing that day as it quickly approaches!

- 6 -
missing my toddler

Apparently I'm not allowed to lift anything over 10 lbs until this coming Thursday (two weeks after delivery), so I've sort of been unable to spend a lot of time with Gwendolyn.  I've tried to do things as I can, and sometimes she cuddles with me in bed, but it's nothing like what we're used to.  This has been very difficult, but Elliott reminds me that soon enough, I'll have my hands full of Gwen again.  He's right, but I miss my days with her.

- 7 -
a (what?) veronica mars movie.  that's right.  she's back! (hopefully)

Um.  Have you heard of this??  No for real:  have you heard?  It's like the stuff dreams are made of.  How often have you fallen in love with a show only to have it cancelled -- have heard rumors circulating for YEARS about a movie being made only to find out it might actually happen?

I was OB-SESSED with Veronica Mars when it was on the air, and now the show's star (Kristen Bell!) and the creator (Rob Thomas!) have put it up on Kickstarter for fans to help support the movie being made.  And the fans have spoken: they raised all the necessary funds within six hours.  We are getting our Veronica Mars movie!!!

So there are some snippets out of my week.  What about yours?

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