Tuesday, April 9, 2013

birth announcement? put a bird on it!

(Even if you don't have babies, you'll still want to read this post for the videos. Unless you don't want to laugh today.)

Have you seen this Portlandia sketch?  
(Disclaimer: I believe there is at least one curse word in this clip, so you may not want to watch it in front of your kids).

The joke is that hipsters put birds on everything.  The joke on ME is that I DO put birds on everything.  You should see my house.  There are birds.  On.  E-VERY-THING.

Why do I love birds so much?  Well, besides the obvious (they are soooooooooooooo pretty), the roots go deep.  My Mom Mom kept birds and had birds on almost everything in her house.  She also had a beautiful garden full of birds -- her bird feeders must have had some special sort of food that caused all the birds of Long Island to flock to her yard alone.  It was like a bird sanctuary.

So.  I love birds.  Hipsters love birds.  What does this have to do with birth announcements?  Well, when I was looking for birth announcements with birds on them for Gwendolyn, it took a while for me to find something.  This is no longer the case!

Lucky for me and everyone else out there that love birds, hipsters are way in, which means birds are way in, which means you can find almost any type of birth announcement you want with a bird on it.

Don't believe me?  Check out these beauties:

Birth Announcement Postcards Tweeting Trio - Front : Blush

Winter Boy Birth Announcements Winter Owlet - Front : Pool

Girl Photo Birth Announcements Birdie Vine - Front : Linen

Boy Photo Birth Announcements Forest Friends - Front : Canary

Girl Birth Announcements Wonderful Woodland - Front : Watermelon

But here's the one that we're most likely using to announce Amelie's birth:

Girl Photo Birth Announcements Birds and Blossoms - Front : Chenille

(This one totally reminds me of my Mom Mom.)

(All of these bird-inspired baby announcements came from this awesome website called Tiny Prints.  Birds not your thing? Not to worry -- they have LOADS to choose from!)

And just in case you didn't get your fill of birds yet, check out this video of flamingos dancing.

No, really.  You'll want to watch this.

  • What are your thoughts on birds?
  • What did you do for birth announcements?

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