Thursday, April 18, 2013

guest post on breastfeeding

Right before I gave birth to Amelie, I started joining in on the Tuesday Baby Linkup over at Every Breath I Take (Jennifer is just one of several bloggers who host, but she was the one I happened to know first).  It has definitely been my favorite linkup because I've gotten to meet a lot of great people and join a community of moms devoted to supporting each other.

I started reading every single blog post on breastfeeding over at African Babies Don't Cry.  Christine is running a breastfeeding series called Mommy's Milk.  Knowing I had some trouble the first go-around, I read frantically, asked questions, and got to know a lot of other cool mamas out there.

Christine's blog and the community from the Tuesday Baby Linkup has meant so much to me, and that's why I am SO EXCITED that Christine is hosting a guest post by me for her breastfeeding series.

Alright, here's my deal with breastfeeding. 
Everyone posts about how it's not easy but it's amazing, and then they give a gazillion pointers on how to get through the rough patches.  But can I tell you about MY rough patch -- the one that tends to get glossed over? 
It absolutely drives me crazy to hear things like, "Latching is as simple as X, Y, and Z."  Because you know what?  I've tried X, Y, and Z.  A million times.  And latching has never been that simple for me or for my babies -- not for my first daughter, nor for my second.  For whatever reason, latching has been and always will be a source of great difficulty for this small little family.

Read the rest here and please comment!

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