Monday, April 1, 2013

in my free moments

Okay, Rachel.  Now's your chance.

Elliott's putting the older one to bed.
The littler one is sleeping next to you and isn't hungry.
The food has been eaten; the dishes are done.
You have both hands to yourself,
A comfy bed,
And a computer in your lap.

Now's your chance to do something productive --
To pick out those birth announcements --
To respond to all those e-mails --
To work out those guest posts you promised to other people.

Now's your chance, Rachel.  Use it.

Instead, I find myself doing what I normally do when there's a free moment of down time.


Allowing my body to sink into the memory foam and cradle my aching bones.

It's been 3 1/2 weeks since my baby was born.
It's been a slow recovery for this mama.

But the sun came out today, and I feel like the sun came out in my heart as well.

(Admittedly, a reeeeeeeeally old photo -- think: 2008.  I was still an actress back then.  I also had all my hair.)

I had the second half-day with the girls to myself.  (The first half-day was last week.)

And you know what?
It was exhausting.
And you know what else?
It WILL be exhausting.

...which is why I feel no shame eating the occasional flourless chocolate cake at nine in the morning (yes. I did that this past week... a couple times)...
...which is why I harbor no guilt spending an extra few (15) minutes in the shower (it's like a spa day for mamas)...
....which is why I take any and every opportunity to sleep (because, let's face it, I'm probably only going to get about four hours tonight anyways)...

...and the floors might be dirtier...
...the laundry might be piling up...
...the beds might remain unmade forever...

Instead, in the free moments, you'll find me lying down...

... reading all my favorite blogs (even though I don't comment -- I either don't have both hands due to breastfeeding, or I'm all out of brain power)...
...reading about newborn-ness that I failed to experience the first time around (what is UP with newborn gas??  I know they have underdeveloped digestive systems, but poor Amelie grunts and calls out like a mountain goat all night and it's tiring for all of us)...
...reading books (received Eat with Joy by Rachel Marie Stone from my best friend this week!)...
...watching movies (Pretty in Pink on Netflix??  Les Miserables from my MIL?  Score!)...
...listening to NPR podcasts (thank-you Peter Segal and all the panelists on Wait Wait for keeping me laughing)...

And simply: R E S T I N G.

  • What have you been doing in your free moments these days?

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